ACE is a public facilities corporation created by the City of Austin
to own, finance, and operate the Hilton Austin Hotel 

About Us – Board of Directors

ACE is governed by an independent board of directors appointed by the Austin City Council

Phillip Schmandt

Board Chair

Phillip Schmandt is a partner with the law firm McGinnis & Lochridge, where he chairs the Land & Water practice group. He has been President and Director of ACE since January 2020.

Appointed 2/2020 – 6/2023

Kimberly Olivares


Kimberly Olivares is Deputy Chief Financial Officer for the City of Austin. Her responsibilities include oversight of treasury, strategic facility delivery, tax increment reinvestment zone and public improvement district financing, real estate, and Financial Services Department administrative staff. Kimberly has been a Director of ACE since August 2021.

Appointed 8/20218/2027

Troy Madres


Troy Madres is an Executive Director with Morgan Stanley, a global investment bank, where he works with local and statewide municipal issuers around the country.  Troy has been a Director of ACE since September 2023.

Appointed 9/20232/2026

Jolsna Thomas

Board Member

Jolsna Thomas is President of The Rosendin Foundation, a corporate nonprofit. Jolsna has been a Director and Secretary/Treasurer of ACE since January 2020.

Appointed 2/2020 – 4/2026

Lee Crawford

Board Member

Lee Crawford works in the City of Austin Law Department. Lee has been a Director of ACE since August 2021.

Appointed 8/2021 8/2027

Susana Carbajal

Board Member

Susana Carbajal currently serves Chief of Staff for the City of Austin and has served the City of Austin for over 13 years in strategic leadership roles. Susana has been a Director of ACE since January 2024.

Appointed 1/20241/2030

Standard ACE board terms are six years, some members were appointed by Council to fill unexpired terms. Expired members continue to serve until the City Council re-appoints or appoints a replacement. There are no term limits.